Stones, Caves and Smoke. Steve, Pablo and Mark.


No doubt, Steve Jobs would have been humbled on holding the perfect design and functionality of a pre-human flint knife in one hand – while in the other hand, his beautiful iPhone only comes close.

Technology was born more than 3.3 million years ago in Kenya with the first crude stone tools made by hominins1, lower down the family tree than the genus, Homo and our species, Homo Sapiens, famous for making cutting edge information tools. We have learned nothing in 20,000 years*.

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Would you consciously ignore 14% of the public in your marketing and communications plans?

If your web site (or your business) is not fully accessible to persons with disabilities, both you and they are losing out. There are nearly 4 million persons with disabilities in Canada, or almost 14% of the population, who may not have the ability to easily see, hear, view, visit, interact with or benefit from your web site (or premises).

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When extreme cold alerts and shelters are not enough – new ideas are needed.

shelter The week that ACCES Employment offered a course in social media marketing to a class of new Canadians, temperatures in the Greater Toronto Area sank to -31oC. The course participants were newly arrived professionals enrolled in career development programs provided by ACCES with the support of government and the United Way. They had never experienced the force of a Canadian winter and came from many much warmer climates like Dubai, Venezuela, Bangladesh, India, Spain, Colombia, El Salvador, Egypt and Pakistan.

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Volunteer – it’s human to be good

Eric in HaitiOver the course of your career you have probably volunteered. More than 45% of Canadians have1 and Canada ranks #8 in the world for time given to volunteering and money donated to non-profits.2 That’s a big investment in non-profitable activity. What’s the personal ROI from volunteering?


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Marketing for Non Profits (with a passion)

Haiti Village Health‘Non-profits’ are a different breed of client or company to work with as a marketer and communicator, whether from inside or outside the organization. Some are small and have lower budgets, less experience and fewer staff. Some are larger, with bureaucracies that are slower and challenging to deal with. But they all have a common goal – to do good things better. And helping them offers opportunity for exceptional rewards.

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